Style Guide For the Big and Tall Man

Whether you are a Big & Tall man looking to dress well or a woman looking for a gift for your big and tall man, this style guide can help you choose the right wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a suit, a shirt, or a dress shirt, there are plenty of options to choose from.


Buying suits for the big and tall man can be a little tricky. However, with a little knowledge and a good eye, shopping for suit pieces won’t be as daunting as it may seem. The key is to choose suits that are both comfortable and fashionable. It’s a good idea to avoid overly heavy suits and heavyweight clothing in general, as it tends to make big men look bulky and sweaty.

In the suit world, a classic cut suit is a safe bet. This style is the easiest to modify, as it allows free movement. If you’re a tall guy, you’ll want to avoid a suit with a low-cut neckline and an overly wide chest.

Trench coats

Traditionally, trench coats for men are double breasted. These days, you can find a variety of styles. Some of the most popular men’s trench coats include those with belts.

The trench coat was originally made for military officers. The garment was designed to keep the wearer warm and dry in extreme conditions. It also served as an emergency sleeping system.

The traditional color of a trench coat is khaki. However, modern versions are made from various fabrics. Traditionally, the fabric was made from worsted wool, but it can now also be made from cotton or polyester.

The trench coat is traditionally double breasted, but some have single breasted closures. It should be long enough to wear over a suit jacket. The sleeves should extend two or three inches beyond the cuff of the suit jacket.

Vertical stripes

Whether you’re short, tall, or in between, you can make your best foot forward by incorporating vertical stripes into your wardrobe. This fashion trend has been around for some time. The concept is simple: stripes create a visual stretching effect around the torso. A collar adds a little extra angle to the vertical stripes.

The color wheel is a major player in your personal style. It’s also a good idea to use fabrics that have stretch. This can help you achieve a better fit.

Vertical stripes are not necessarily the most flattering fashion choice for every man. Those who are short may look out of place with a full-length stripe, while those with a compact frame may look less svelte with a wide stripe.

Double-vented jackets

Unlike single vented jackets, double vented jackets have a flap that sits on both sides of the back hem. This allows for easy access to your pockets, while also helping to create a longer silhouette.

Double-vented jackets are often more expensive and harder to find than single vented jackets. But if you can afford them, they can make a strong style statement. And with good fit, they also provide comfort. Unlike single vents, you’ll find that double vented jackets don’t bunch up when you sit down.

Double vents were invented by the British tailoring lineage, and they are associated with their style. They are a good choice for those who want a more refined look.

Monochromatic colors

Using monochromatic colors to create a dramatic fashion statement may seem daunting, but it’s actually a simple trick that creates a sleek line. The key is to vary shades, weights, and textures. The resulting outfit can be just as eye-catching as a pattern dress.

Men with darker complexions often look great in monochromatic outfits. But tall men can also benefit from a hint of pattern. This is particularly true when the darker shade is worn towards the bottom.

The psychology of color is a key part of the way we perceive images. It can influence our perceptions subconsciously. When choosing monochromatic colors for the big & tall man, make sure to select colors that will accentuate his height.

Choosing the right size

Choosing the right size for the big and tall man can be a difficult task. They have a different body structure than shorter individuals and need special clothing. Thankfully, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect fit.

The best way to determine the size of a garment is to measure it. Most stores provide size charts that are helpful in determining the correct fit. You can also ask a salesperson for help.

A measuring tape can also be used to determine the proper size. The proper size is determined by taking the measurements of your waist, chest, and torso.